IT Support Contracts

The IT Support Contract option provides you with a “fixed price” package of services, customized to your specific company requirements, and includes access to our Remote and Onsite Support Services. Your IT Support Contract will be designed according to the number of PCs, workstations, servers, printers, network devices you have in your business and for your specific IT needs.


The IT Support Contract is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Whether you have no current in-house IT Management or Support resource or are looking for 2nd or 3rd line support for an existing in-house IT Support function, the Contract will be designed to fit your requirements.

Why do I need an IT Support Contract?

As well as providing Remote and Onsite IT Support, your Support Contract includes proactive management of your IT and network system infrastructure. This means that each month you’re in contract, we’ll carry out a range of planned and unplanned maintenance and monitoring services on your behalf. So, as well as providing your business with a complete IT Support Service, we’re also taking care of daily and weekly IT and system management tasks on an ongoing basis.

The best part of it is that you get proactive management, training and IT Helpdesk support for your business – but at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house IT Support person.

What’s included in Mercury Group Uganda's IT Support Contract service?

The IT Support Contract service gives you peace of mind that your computer and network systems are being looked after and managed ‘behind the scenes’, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Our aim is to keep your IT systems operating, maximize your network up time, and to support your business’s productivity. If your computers, network or other IT systems do encounter problems, we’ll be there to resolve those problems remotely or onsite through one of our expert Support Engineers.

Services include:

  • IT Helpdesk Support: email and telephone-based IT Support
  • Troubleshooting: diagnosing and fixing problems with PCs , servers and network hardware
  • Proactive and preventative management: online system monitoring of your critical systems to maximize up time
  • Backup and restore service: your business documents and files backed up securely
  • Updates and upgrades: maintaining PC and server operating systems, application software and hardware upgrades whenever or wherever necessary
  • Network security: Antivirus, firewall, network configuration, updating and maintenance
  • Email systems: email applications, exchange server set up and management
  • Networks: Configuring network infrastructure such as routers and network switches
  • Supplier management: management of other IT equipment and service suppliers
  • Internet access: management of your broadband connectivity and Internet access services
  • Wireless: maintenance, set up and troubleshooting

 Contract Specification:

Each contract will consist of one or more of the following components

  • Software Support
  • Tele Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Email Support
  • Anti-Virus Support
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Mobile Phone Support

Mercury Group Uganda proudly provides support for all kinds of IT hardware and software through their experienced engineers.

Service Levels and Response Time

All support contracts provided by Mercury Group Uganda aim to meet or exceed the following service levels. When calls are logged with our service desk they are assessed by the following categories:

Critical-Server or system crash or time dependent issue

Major-Workstation or printer unusable or software application not accessible from any workstation i.e. accounts applications or e-mail access

Minor-Paper jams, fading monitors intermittent software errors or operating system upgrades

The following response times are then adhered to:


All logged calls will be responded to within 30 minutes. We aim to be onsite within 1 business hour of the call being logged and have the system fully operational within 2 hours.


All logged calls will be responded to within 1 hour. We aim to be onsite within 2 business hours of the call being logged and have the system operational within 8 hours.


All logged calls will be responded to within 8 hours. We aim to be onsite within 24 business hours of the call being logged and have the system operational within 48 hours.


All logged calls will be responded to within 24 hours. Due to the very nature of these types of calls there are no designated service level response times.

Contract Periods

We can provide a 12-month contract payable either in advance or by twelve equal monthly payments. This contract requires 1 month notice of termination by either party and is reviewed annually. Alternatively we can provide a monthly rolling contract payable by Standing Order. This contract requires 30 days’ notice of termination by either party.

How it works

Mercury Group Uganda IT Support Contracts are available in a range of flexible pricing options.


IT Support Contracts are fully customized around your business needs, based on the number of workstations in your business, and on the systems you want to support.

About Us

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