Network Penetration Testing Services in Uganda

Network penetration is a critical component to an overall information security strategy. Penetration testing identify the risk, exposes dangerous issues and demonstrates how well your network and information assets having protected. Our Network Penetration Testing can help you to be safe by the risk of your information breaching with the help of comprehensive security programs.

MERCURY GROUP UGANDA is a leading organization in penetration testing services and IT security services. For over years, Mercury Group Uganda has helped many clients to protect important data, toughen web applications, maintain obedience and keep away from all risks.
We tend to find vulnerabilities by evading your current access controls. This service is something above your regular system/network administrator’s scan.

We provide these two types of Network Security Testing:

  • Vulnerability Assessment (Identify, Stop and Report)
  • Penetration Testing (Identify, Exploit and Report)

Mercury Group Uganda comes with the promise of delivery the penetration testing services to its clients in Kampala Uganda. We generate deliverable that includes absolutely no false security and are likely to identify vulnerabilities that cannot be recognized with usual testing technology.

We designed penetration testing tools to be used by people with a large range for security purpose. It is an ideal for developers and technology testers who are not familiar with penetration testing. In performance with the consultants, we resolve the possibilities of the security penetration. We certify the effectiveness of prevailing protections by Penetration Testing. Our penetration testing experts recognize the risks and confidentiality of vulnerable information. Mercury Group Uganda security consultant conducts a thorough assessment of your network to:

  • Passionate Testers.
  • Quality Customer Service.
  • Competitive Rates.

About Us

We are a team of multi-disciplinary professionals covering all technical and sales areas with a wide range of IT services covering a broad spectrum of solutions ranging from Data Center Solutions, Security & virtualization, ATM & BFSI Solutions, E-Government & Enterprise Resource Management and many other Product ranges.